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Amy Meredith gigs…
August 30, 2009

Poor Amy Meredith.  They came all the way from Sydney to play a gig at my house.  I hope they realised that I appreciated it, as awkward as it was for all concerned.

When I noticed one of their roadies looking for coins to play pinball, I told him that he didn’t have to pay – I wasn’t running some kind of gold-coin racket.  It was months later when I was replacing a light bulb that I discovered a couple of coins that they’d obviously put in before I told them they only needed to press ‘Start.’

They are playing cheap gigs for Sydney-siders.  Tickets are available here.


Kat Spazzy on touring with Marilyn Manson…
August 26, 2009

Last time Marilyn Manson played at Festy, he was supported by the Spazzys.  Kat Spazzy remembers the show:

That was awesome!  That was crazy… All those little Goths in the crowd were so funny.  They hated us!  A lot of them really, really hated us, but hopefully a few of them liked us by the end.  We came out in capes and stuff like that.  Our guitar tech would draw little crosses on his nipples, like a sad face, and flash it at all the kids.  I thought they were going to raid the stage.  A bunch of ten year olds.  It was very, very funny.

 We did the whole tour with them and we hung out with Marilyn Manson.  He was wild.  He was crazy.  He never took off his sunglasses at any point at all.

Marilyn Manson returns to Festival Hall in October.  Get tickets here!  My full interview with The Spazzys will be in next month’s issue of Buzz Magazine.

Dean Turner: 1972 – 2009
August 25, 2009

Founding member of Magic Dirt, Dean Turner lost his private battle with a rare form on tissue cancer over the weekend.  As well as being a talented musician and producer, Dean provided support to young local bands where ever he could.

The band have posted a tribute on their website.  Make a donation in Dean’s memory here.

Upcoming Kisschasy gigs…
August 16, 2009

A year ago, Kisschasy were looking forward to playing in a whole bunch of new venues prior to the release of theirToo B or Not Too B collection.

After an extensive tour, the group skipped town to play some American dates. ‘So we’re going to give everyone a break here,’ said guitarist Joel Vanderuit, ‘and go and piss off some Americans, and tour as much as we possibly can over there.’ (Read the full interview…)

Now Kisschasy are home and playing local dates. Cheap tickets are still available for shows in Melbourne and Sydney by clicking the appropriate links.