Dann vs The ‘Gurge…

It was almost one year ago that I became embroiled in heated debate with Quan from Regurgitator over the merits of the physical nature of recorded music as compared to the benefits presented by digital distribution.  I valiantly built a case for the compact disc – possibly out of an ingrained sentimentality, but also the realisation that the decline of the medium also spelled the death of the printed Buzz Magazine, the future of which depended on the advertising revenue generated by the promotion of physical album sales – but faced enthusiastic rebuttal from Quan, who wondered why I would ‘want to adhere to a creative paradigm that’s been around for 80 or 90 years and just doesn’t seem appropriate nowadays.’

 The debate became quite heated, and, for a while at least, threatened to descend into the territory of an argument, but was luckily averted by the natural progression of the discussion to the possibility that the theoretical demise of the album could see the resurrection of another dwindling medium – the mix tape – and Quan and I remained friends.

 That said, I have no problem claiming a belated victory, with the announcement this week of Regurgitator’s forthcoming album SUPERHAPPYFUNTIMEFRIENDS.  Far be it from me to gloat, but I will briefly quote from the band’s enticingly re-designed webpage‘…it seems the concept of the album was not without value still as it afforded the more focused structure and disciplined approach they seem to require.’

The entry on the site also mentions that Unit was voted number 13 in the industry voting of Triple J’s Hottest 100 Australian Album countdown, and, despite my victory today, I am happy to admit that Unit came number 10 in my own personal countdown – and that Love And Paranoia only just missed out too.

A sample of the new stuff is available here, along with the old new stuff.  In further good news, the band are touring, and tickets are going cheap for shows in Melbourne, AdelaideBrisbane, Townsville and Bunbury. Love the Unit…


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  1. Interesting post! I too was a little bufuddled when I heard that the Gurge were back with an ALBUM. After much spruiking over the demise of the album I thought we would see a trickle of new songs released over time. Months went by, however, and we saw nothing.

    I couldn’t be more excited that they are back to the album. I also thought Love and Paranoia was one of their best, but it got limited publicity. This album will probably also not get the exposure it deserves but I’ll happily play their music, see their shows and be excited to see their name anywhere I go..

    Unit should deservedly make the top 10 or even 5 of the triple j poll. Here’s hoping a Gurge resurgence is underway!

    • Publicity or not, Love And Paranoia was great, although I was surprised to hear the band themselves don’t like it. I am looking forward to the new album though, especially considering the songs they’ve put up so far are very interesting. Hopefully we get some Love And Paranoia songs on this tour. Then all I’ll need is some new Happyland, and I’ll be happy.

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