At war with androgynous La Roux fans…
March 20, 2010

La Roux,
Festival Hall, March 19, 2010

It was just as La Roux were taking to the stage that I heard something over my radio about malfunctioning toilets.  The band opened with In For The Kill, which I presumed meant that they would be ending their set with Bulletproof.  The touring band played a good show, but for a band so new, they would likely have been better suited to a festival show than their own solo set.  Still, I was more impressed with the majority of the audience with Bertie Blackman’s support slot which was, in my opinion, as impressive as the headliner, and opener Tom and Jean, who I had never heard of.

The peculiarly unlicensed floor was seen by many as making my warnings upon entry that there would be no pass outs issued redundant.  I was told by patrons to be lenient, but I reminded them that I had, prior to their entry, not only warned them of the venue’s policy, but recommended a fine nearby establishment for pre-show drinks. 

When I was told to stand guard to the entrance to the toilets at the very beginning of La Roux’s set last night, I was pleased.  Not only did it place me in prime position for watching the show, but it also sounded like easy money.  The section supervisor’s reasons for her instructions amused me.

‘The toilets have exploded!’ she cried over the electronic beat.

It didn’t take long for the problem to be at least partially solved, and I was notified over my radio that the ladies’ bathroom was now operating, and that only women could be admitted downstairs into the bathrooms.  This was, theoretically, better, however raised a problem all of its own, and one exclusive to this particular concert:

How do we deal with the patrons when it is unclear if they are a boy or a girl?

As predicted, the set finished with Bulletproof, precisely one hour after it started.  Whilst the fact that the band only have one album to work from meant the set was always going to be short, it also meant that almost everyone knew all the words to sing along to every song.  It was a good pop show, but it was the first of the Pixies’ shows tonight that I am really looking forward to, even if Frank Black says they are only in it for the money.  When it comes down to it, so am I, otherwise I would be there with a ticket, not watching from behind the stage.