December 16, 2010

New festivals have been on undeniably shaking ground lately.  It looks as though we have finally reached the point where the market has become so saturated that, even with a favourable line-up, it is difficult for a new festival to get started.

That said, the No Sleep Til… series of festivals are almost upon us, and rumours suggest that few more than 2000 tickets have been sold.  Whilst I don’t believe the statistic, it is true that good tickets are still available.  With an entire season of festivals still beginning, one has to budget carefully, and No Sleep Til… is a tricky one.  On the one hand, it would be great to see NOFX and the Descendents.  On the other, the tickets prices are high when compared to festivals with lineups as big as Soundwave and Big Day Out.

Then again, if one can get tickets with cheaper booking fee, it may well be worth it.